Back when I first went out on my own and no longer lived with my family, I decorated my own Christmas tree. I had no ornaments to my name at all. Every year since, I have bought one or two. Now I have created a nice collection. But back in the beginning, to get a head start I bought a box of bulbs.

I had vague memory of being a little girl and admiring the vintage, frosted Shiny Brite bulbs that my parents would hang on their tree. They made me excited because, how could there be snow inside my own home!? Fast forward 20 years and every single one of those beautiful bulbs are broken.

I’m sure if I looked hard enough I could find those Shiny Brites on Ebay or some specialty store, but I decided to make my own. Handmade items are always more special.

– Supplies –

– Instructions –

  1. Paint each glass bulb with acrylic paint (one at a time!), creating a zig-zag, icicle-like design. See photo above for example. More than one coat may be necessary to achieve a white color.
  2. Before the acrylic paint dries, sprinkle glitter on top of the ornament. As the paint dries, it acts as a glue to hold the glitter down.
  3. Place each bulb back into its box to dry. Be careful not to let the paint rub on the box.
  4. Let your bulbs dry for at least one hour. Your dry time depends on the thickness of your paint coatings.

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