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DIY Crochet Easter Bunny Applique

Quick Crochet Bunny Applique

  This post contains affiliate links. OK, so I know it’s a little early to be thinking about bunnies right? Nah! These lil’ guys are adorable all year-round! Even better, this pattern is nice and FAST. It’s definitely doable in about 10 minutes or less once you get the hang of it. – Tools –  5 mm …

Crafts Holidays

Holiday Potpourri

Published November 20th, 2016 Until last year I have always used an artificial tree in my living room during Christmas time. I loved that I could set it up anytime without having to worry about watering it, or if it would die before Christmas. I also loved how easy it was to assemble and to …


The Struggles of Yarn Dyeing

Two years ago I started knitting, and found it really very fun. When Christmas time rolled around I was inspired to make a few things for my family. It was 2013 in Seattle and everyone was crazy about the Seahawks possibly going to the Superbowl. My family was not exempt! I decided the perfect gift …

Crafts Holidays

Pumpkin Time

It’s that time again! Get ready to pull out the patterns, scoops and saws. Lets get carving! I love carving pumpkins. I’ve done it every year since I was old enough to safely hold a saw. In the beginning we just drew with markers on the pumpkin and and then cut out our own designs. …


Loom Knit Infant Hats

This post contains affiliate links.  Now that fall is here and the cold weather has started to set in, it is time to start thinking about bundling up, especially for those little ones! Every year around this time I start getting inspired to start knitting. I use both traditional needles and a knitting loom. Today …


DIY Autumn Wreath

As soon as the leaves start to change, I usually get into a nice fall decorating mood. The colors are all just so beautiful and inspiring. I wanted something to decorate my front entrance with, but I could not find anything that I liked. The next best solution would be to make it myself! All …