Published November 20th, 2016

Until last year I have always used an artificial tree in my living room during Christmas time. I loved that I could set it up anytime without having to worry about watering it, or if it would die before Christmas. I also loved how easy it was to assemble and to disassemble. However, there was something very important to me that was missing from my tree. Having grown up with real trees my whole life, I never noticed that familiar smell of a noble fir until it was gone. I tried the Sentsicles that always seem to sell out every year, but they weren’t right. Sure, in the store they smelt like a tree, but when you bring them home you can tell that it is a chemical and has a hint of a toxic scent.  My dilemma led me to try something new out. I had seen recipes for potpourri on Pinterest that usually called for an orange, cinnamon, and cranberries. Using this as my inspiration, I decided to snip some tree branches and boil them on the stove. And, you know what? It WORKED! My whole house smelled like Christmas trees for hours.

– Supplies –

  • Sauce pan
  • Stove
  • Water (Enough to fill your sauce pan)
  • Tree branches (I use Noble Fir)
  • Cinnamon

Really, this is just a guideline. You may use any amount of a safe ingredient that you like and add or subtract anything that you wish as well. Orange peels, lemon peels, cranberries, and nutmeg are some great examples.

Get creative, and have fun!

 – Instructions –

  1. Fill your saucepan 3/4 full with water.
  2. Add all ingredients into the pot.
  3. Place pot on stove and turn heat to the lowest setting.
  4. Leave pot to simmer for as long as you like. Remember to keep checking to make sure your water level is ok.
  5. Refill water as needed.

Be extra careful to not leave a gas stove unattended. This is best done with an electric range stove top.


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