DIY Crochet Easter Bunny Applique

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OK, so I know it’s a little early to be thinking about bunnies right? Nah! These lil’ guys are adorable all year-round! Even better, this pattern is nice and FAST. It’s definitely doable in about 10 minutes or less once you get the hang of it.

– Tools – 

– Pattern Abbreviations –

*If you need help, click on the abbreviations for a helpful instructional video on each type of stitch

CH = Chain

Sl St = Slip Stitch

SC = Single Crochet

DC = Double Crochet

 – Bunny Body –

Row 1: Create magic ring, CH 3, and DC 12 into the magic ring, pull to tighten. Sl St 1 into the top of the original chain that you created.

Row 2: Ch 3, DC twice into each stitch. Sl St 1 into the top of your row 2 chain to complete this round.

Row 3: SC 1, DC 1 in the same stitch. (DC 2 into the next stitch.) Repeat the part in “( )” 1 more time. DC 1, SC 1 in the same stitch, flip over your work.

Row 4: DC 5, Sl St 1, flip over your work.

Row 5: Sl St 1, (CH 10, Sl St into the same stitch), Sl St 3, repeat the part in “( )” one time. Bind off, and weave in ends.

– Bunny Tail – 

Row 1: Chain 4 (or 5 for a slightly bigger tail)

Row 2: Sl St 1 into the first stitch of the chain.

Pull to tighten, next bind off. Make sure to leave a long tail of yarn before cutting. Thread the yarn tail into your yarn needle, and sew the bunny tail directly in the center hole (magic ring) of the bunny body. Weave in your yarn tail, trim, and you’re done!


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