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I’ve really had the urge to try out some new lace designs recently. Having the ability to create lace was one of the BIG reasons that I wanted to teach myself how to crochet. Over the weekend while I was in the craft store with my fiance, he picked out some rainbow crochet thread. He doesn’t craft, but for some reason he REALLY wanted to me to make something out of it. So, I tested out my new thread with a lace headband. Guess what? It turned out gorgeous!

– Tools – 

– Pattern Abbreviations –

*If you need help, click on the abbreviations for a helpful instructional video on each type of stitch

CH = Chain

DC = Double Crochet

 – Lace Detail –

Row 1: Cast on to  one side of the elastic band. I usually do this about 3 or 4 times to make sure that it is secure and can withstand being stretched. CH 3, DC 1 into center of base row (base row is what is connected to the elastic band). CH 1, DC 1 into the same stitch that you had before. CH 1, DC 1 into same stitch. CH 3, turn work.

Row 2: *DC into the center DC from the last row (this should be the 2nd DC from the previous row). CH 1, DC into same stitch, CH 1, DC into same stitch, CH 3, Turn work.*

Rows 3 + :  Repeat (*) until you reach 16″ in combined length (both lace AND the elastic band). Shorten, or lengthen as needed to your liking. Finish by binding your lace to the opposite end of the elastic band, cast off, weave in ends.

– Elastic Band – 

For the best results in anti-slip, we want to make the  elastic hair tie look somewhat like a bow tie. In order to create this figure eight shape, take your crochet thread and tie a basic knot on one of the sides of the ring. Now, bind both sides together by rotating the thread around both ends over and over again. Do this until you’ve reached your desired look. Triple not, and weave in ends.

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