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FICO Score: 669 to 705 in 5 months

Unlike me, my husband has never had good credit. When we first started dating nearly 8 years ago he actually had a score somewhere in the 400’s. He’s not proud of that but he worked hard paying off old medical collection bills, and was finally able to open an unsecured credit card of his own. …

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Healthy IS Cheap.

Published on February 28th, 2020 Unpopular opinion: Healthy IS in fact cheap. I don’t know exactly why but somewhere along the way, collectively our society began to regurgitate the biggest contributing myth to our rising health crisis: “Eating healthy is too expensive.“ Well, I’m calling bullshit. I actually have called bullshit on this, time and …


I’m $279,000 in debt.

Published January 1, 2020 Or rather, we’re $279,000 in debt. That’s right. My husband and I, nearing that ever-looming 30 year age mark are just over a quarter of a million dollars in debt. And for the most part, we don’t actually mind it. No, it’s not student loan debt. Unlike most of our millennial …